Association Governance

This is the place where you go to find all the pertinent information about our Governing documents.

SPOA Plat Map

If you do not know what Division you are in, find it by using the map or link below.

SPOA Plat Map overview image.
SPOA Plat Map Overview

See the interactive version, for the ability to zoom in.

If you are unable to find your property using that map link, you can go to the Skagit County property search website.

Your Division and Lot # will be in the "Current Legal Description" box. It usually looks something like "TRACT A OF SKYLINE NO 16". This indicates that the Clubhouse is in Division 16.


Covenants, conditions, and restrictions (also called "CC&Rs") are used by many "common interest" developments, including condominiums and co-ops, to regulate the use, appearance, and maintenance of property. See our Division CC&Rs to find the correct document for your division.

Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation

The SPOA Bylaws outline the detailed rules and procedures for managing our nonprofit association.

Financial Statements

SPOA Financial Statements document the business activities and the financial performance of the association.

Reserve Studies

Each year, SPOA pays to have a Reserve Study completed to ensure that we're on target with our financial reserves.

SPOA Policies

We strive to update these policies to keep them as current as possible. Please review from time to time in order to have the most recent information.

Board Meeting Minutes

Did you miss the Board Meeting, or just need a recap? This is the place for the archived minutes.

Board Meeting Agendas

Board Meeting Agendas give you a quick reference for what items are planned to be discussed during the meetings.

We try to keep these resources updated, but if you notice something is missing please don't hesitate to contact the office staff. Please note that some meeting minutes and agendas appear to be missing, but those are usually due to canceled meetings because of weather.