We are here to help!

This page provides helpful tips based on what you are trying to do in the site. The Links below will jump down to the appropriate section.

Request an Account

To request a new account for the website, visit the Request Access page. Enter your Full Name, Email address to use for 'Sign In' to the website, and your primary Skyline Property Street Address.

NOTE: You should use the same email address that you intend to use for receiving your invoices/billing information.
There is a 'Billing' page on this site that that will use your account email address to look up any unpaid invoices in the system.

Your request will be reviewed by SPOA Office Staff. When approved for access, you will receive an email with information on how to 'Sign In' to the site.

Sign In to Website

Click this 'Sign In' link or the button in the upper right corner of the website on desktop, or in the lower right corner of the mobile website menu.

This will take you to the Sign In page where you will enter your account email address and Request a 'Magic Link' by email. You will be sent an email that will have a link that will take you back to the site and will sign you in automatically. Now you will have full access to all 'members only' protected pages and sections of the site.

We made a change to the sign in process to increase the security of access to the site and to reduce a point of frustration for members. This method eliminates any hassle with remembering/managing passwords over time, it also uses a simple form of 2-factor authentication, where not only do you know the email address for the website account, but you also prove that you have access to the email account for that member address.

Changing Email Address

This is not possible through the website at this time. To change your email, please contact the SPOA Office by email to make the necessary changes.

Access Member Only Pages and Page Sections

Pages and some portions of the website are for SPOA members only. Follow the instructions in the blocked page/section to gain access.