Over the RV Spaces to the beach.
The Cabana

This is the most requested rental facility. With its location on the water's edge and the views, the Cabana is a great place for anything from a small gathering of family and friends, to a wedding.

View photos of the Cabana below, or check out our Cabana Photo Album.

The Rental Fee is $200 per day

We no longer collect Damage Deposits, but we will invoice the Skyline member for any damages to the property, for leaving the facility uncleaned, for staying past your rental time, or any other violation of the rental policy. Owners will be held responsible for any policy violations and subject to the SPOA Collection and Foreclosure Policy.

Entering the facility before your rental is not allowed, even if we have given you keys early. If you need extra setup time you will need to book another day.

We are accepting reservations for the current calendar year and the year after that. (Example: on January 1, 2024, we reserve available dates for all of 2024 and 2025.) See the calendar below for availability.

Steps required to reserve this facility:

  1. Check the availability calendar for an available date (below.)
  2. Fill out the application (found at the bottom of this page, must be signed in.)
  3. Make payment for the event fee. Staff will email an invoice you can pay online, or you can pay in the office.
  4. Receive a confirmation email from staff. This could take up to 3 business days to turnaround.
  5. Arrange a time to have the keys picked up for your rental during office hours. If office hours don't work for you to pick up keys, let staff know and we will arrange a lock box for you.

Reservation requests are handled in the order they are received.

NOTE: When you rent the Cabana, you are only renting the building itself and NOT the park. The park is not rentable or reservable, it is always a first-come, first-serve space open to all SPOA members and their guests, as well as the RV renters.

See more details about use by reviewing the Parks and Rental Facilities Use Policy.

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